Money Saving Tips When Buying Your Next Boat

The reason saving money is so important when it comes to buying a boat is the added costs you have to deal with as a boat owner. If you are not watching your money when headed out to see all those boats for sale, you are certainly going to be paying for it down the road when you have to keep emptying your pockets for permits, insurance, fuel, maintenance, storage, towing, fishing gear, and safety equipment. Here are a few money saving tips that will help you to keep some of that money in your pockets where it belongs.
Boats for Sale
1. Consider New vs Used – While everyone loves the idea of owning a new boat, there are thousands of buyers who thought he same last year and now must get out of the deal for one reason or another. Consider the huge savings in buying a used boat. Not only is the boat barely used, you get all the added accessories the buyer purchased as part of the deal. The package may include all the fishing gear, safety equipment, and upgrades. The money that you will not have to spend down the road makes buying used a very savvy option.

2. Boat Show Discounts – If you have never been to a local boat show, now is the time to take advantage of all the money saving options afforded to you. Most of the boat manufacturers at these shows are willing to deal if you are in the market to buy. Not only do they have special promotional coupons that could save you thousands off the price of a new boat, they have specials at the show that are lower than any deal the salesman could offer. Bring your checkbook and be prepared to make a deal for less than you thought possible.

3. Online Auctions – Online auction sites like eBay sell more than music and apparel at discounts, you can buy homes, automobiles, and even boats. Search the online listings for your localized sellers, and see if you can spot some deals. If the seller is running a traditional auction, the bidding usually starts at one dollar and climbs until the auction ends and the top bidder is warded their prize. Auctions ending in the middle of the night give you a great opportunity to be the winner at a huge discount.

Enjoy these money saving tips when it comes to buying a boat, all that extra cash will certainly come in handy while you enjoy your time on the water. For more info in buying your next boat and finding one: