What to Look for in a Great Real Estate Agent

It makes sense to find the absolute best real estate agent to work with because this house purchase is going to be the most cost expenditure you make in your lifetime. In addition to the huge expense, you’re dealing with the long buying process for at least three months, longer depending on how soon you can find a house. Here are some of the things you should look for when shopping around for a realtor brought to you by Charleston luxury real estate company Premier One in Charleston SC.

Charleston Luxury Real EstateResponse Time – If you want to know how fast a potential realtor responds to their clients, simply go to any Facebook group for realtors in your town or a rant and rave page. Regardless if the comment is good or bad, the best realtors will respond lightning fast to appreciate the comments or to try and repair the damage done. You can get a real feel for the realtor simply by checking out how fast and what they say when they respond to comments.

Realtor Popularity – Similar to the online comments in discussion groups, the best realtors will have customers raving about them any time a new member asks about realtor referrals. If you see the same names of realtors popping up, it might be a great place to start in your search for the best possible realtor to work with.

Realtor Reputation – Stop by the realtors website, fan page, or profile pages on social media, you will see exactly how previous customers feels about them. People seem to have zero issue going online to either praise or complain about a service,. and since you are going to be working with this person for months, you want to find one that has a stellar reputation. In seconds you will be able to tell if the masses love or hate this realtor, as well as how many clients they have referred to them over the years.

Track Record of Realtor – All of these resources also give you a chance to look at the track record of any realtor. When you see a realtor constantly winning realtor of the month or year awards, or selling the most homes in a month, this realtor is a force to be dealt with and one you really want working on your behalf.

These simple tips for finding the best realtor take little time for each realtor you are researching. In no time at all you will find the perfect match for your unique needs.


Money Saving Tips When Buying Your Next Boat

The reason saving money is so important when it comes to buying a boat is the added costs you have to deal with as a boat owner. If you are not watching your money when headed out to see all those boats for sale, you are certainly going to be paying for it down the road when you have to keep emptying your pockets for permits, insurance, fuel, maintenance, storage, towing, fishing gear, and safety equipment. Here are a few money saving tips that will help you to keep some of that money in your pockets where it belongs.
Boats for Sale
1. Consider New vs Used – While everyone loves the idea of owning a new boat, there are thousands of buyers who thought he same last year and now must get out of the deal for one reason or another. Consider the huge savings in buying a used boat. Not only is the boat barely used, you get all the added accessories the buyer purchased as part of the deal. The package may include all the fishing gear, safety equipment, and upgrades. The money that you will not have to spend down the road makes buying used a very savvy option.

2. Boat Show Discounts – If you have never been to a local boat show, now is the time to take advantage of all the money saving options afforded to you. Most of the boat manufacturers at these shows are willing to deal if you are in the market to buy. Not only do they have special promotional coupons that could save you thousands off the price of a new boat, they have specials at the show that are lower than any deal the salesman could offer. Bring your checkbook and be prepared to make a deal for less than you thought possible.

3. Online Auctions – Online auction sites like eBay sell more than music and apparel at discounts, you can buy homes, automobiles, and even boats. Search the online listings for your localized sellers, and see if you can spot some deals. If the seller is running a traditional auction, the bidding usually starts at one dollar and climbs until the auction ends and the top bidder is warded their prize. Auctions ending in the middle of the night give you a great opportunity to be the winner at a huge discount.

Enjoy these money saving tips when it comes to buying a boat, all that extra cash will certainly come in handy while you enjoy your time on the water. For more info in buying your next boat and finding one: Boatmo.com



How to Get an Abundant Real Estate Buyers Rebate

Getting a real estate buyers rebate involves a little work, but the end result is that you put thousands of dollars into your pocket that you can really use after the closing of the house. There are no special requirements or applications to fill out because anyone buying a home qualifies for the rebate, you just have to know where and how to focus your efforts so you can take advantage of this huge opportunity.

What is a Real Estate RebateReal Estate Rebates
The real estate rebate is essentially a reward or motivational device used to get home buyers to work with certain realtors. Not all realtors take part in giving rebates because it is essentially a cut of their pay check. Working on their own, the realtor decides in advance what percentage of their commission they want to give to the home buyer in exchange for using their services. If you sign a contract with the realtor and they agree to give you the real estate rebate, the day of closing you are handed a check for the agreed amount of cash.

How to Get the Real Estate Rebate
In order to get the real estate rebate, you have to inquire with the real estate agent even before you agree to work with them. This is not something agents advertise or promote because it does take from their money. This is basically a reward system, and each realtor works differently. If you have a realtor or two in mind, ask politely if they are willing to participate in the rebate. if yes, agree to the terms before signing the contract and you are all set. Once you get to closing, the realtor will honor the agreement and cut you a check for a portion of their commission.

How Can the Rebate Be Used
Once you get your rebate at the house closing, the money is real cash and can be used for anything. Perhaps you need to pay a moving company, deposits on utilities, or to cover the cost of getting new furniture. Many home buyers use the cash to stock their refrigerator with plenty of food because they are a week or two from getting their next paycheck and basically out of cash. In many cases, the rebate can amount to several thousand dollars, so this money can certainly go a long way when you are rubbing nickels together after getting through the house closing.

There you have it, now you know how to get a real estate buyers rebate and walk away with a nice chunk of cash after buying a house. For more info visit: RebatesOnRealestate.com