Leadership Symposia

Past Symposia

Year 1: Pre-Kindergarten in the United States, 2/1/2007, Washington, DC.

This Leadership Symposium focused on policies and outcomes related to publicly-funded pre-kindergarten programs in the United States, specifically related to universal and targeted program structures. Presentations by researchers and state policy/program development personnel offered the opportunity for lively discussions among Symposium participants. The goal for the day was to stimulate a focus on developing programs of the highest quality that reach the highest number of children for whom enrollment can be an important asset to their success in school.

Year 2: Ensuring Effective Teachers Through Professional Development Systems: Quality Rating Systems and State ECE Competencies, 2/5/2008, Arlington, VA.

This symposium was focused on the intersection between professional development systems, state competencies, and quality rating and improvement systems. The goal was to plan a research agenda addressing the potential convergence of these state-level systems and increasing their effectiveness for improving quality.

Year 3: State Specialist Meeting, 11/5/2008, Dallas, TX.

Building on the discussions and the White Paper from the 2/5/2008 Leadership Symposium, NCRECE brought together Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education from approximately 30 states to consider policy and research issues related to professional development systems, early childhood education competencies, and Quality Rating and Improvement Systems.

The agenda for the day included discussion of recent research findings that have implications for policy decisions, and opportunities for the leaders to learn about policies other states are implementing to improve professional development and program quality. The Symposium was held following the annual meeting of the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education.

Year 4: Investigating the Classroom Experiences of Young Dual Language Learners, 11/3/09, Arlington, VA.

This year’s symposium included presentations by researchers utilizing observational data collected in the early education classrooms of children identified as Dual Language Learners (DLLs).  The goal for the day was to bring attention to what is happening within the classrooms of DLL children as well as to better understand what classroom experiences and related inputs contribute to their school readiness (i.e., language development, early literacy).  The symposium was attended by researchers, state specialists, and policy makers.

The 3rd volume in the NCRECE book series will be based on the presentations from this symposium.  For more information, please see the agenda and the New America Foundation website.

Year 5: Effective Professional Development in Early Childhood Education, 11/16/10, Arlington, VA.

The Year 5 symposium focused on the latest science regarding effective professional development in early childhood education. The goal for the day was to help synthesize the latest findings in this area in a way that will help improve the quality of professional development programs as well as provide valuable information to policymakers engaged in efforts to improve early childhood education. The 4th volume in the NCRECE book series will be based on the presentations from this symposium.

For more information, please see the agenda and click on linked titles below to view slides in pdf format:

Using Coaching-based Professional Development to Improve Head Start Teachers’ Support of Children’s Oral Language Skills by Doug Powell.

Designing Effective Curricula and Teacher Professional Development for Early Childhood Math and Science by Mable Kinzie

Improving Preschool Education with Curricular Enhancements and Professional Development: The REDI Intervention Model by Celene Domitrovich

Early-Literacy Intervention “Dosage” and Its Relation to Child Outcomes by Laura Justice

Extending models of emotional self-regulation to classroom settings: Implications for Professional Development by Cybele Raver

Skill in Detecting Effective Classroom Interactions: A Proposed Mediator and Moderator of Professional Development by Jason Downer

Enhancing School Readiness for Pre-School Children: An Integrated Professional Development Program by Susan Landry